Just a random thought..

Most people nowadays are afraid of commitment to another person. But honestly, when you find the right person, it is an amazing feeling. The love I have for my boyfriend is so real and strong. After everything we have been through in the past 4 years, the almost 2 years we have been together have been the best years of my life. I wish I could explain to more people what its like. We both have been through so many failed relationships and heartaches to get to where we are now. And in the end it was all worth it. You can’t go looking for it but when an opportunity arises, you can’t let it pass.

Welp, work in the morning.

I’m like not even tired. But unfortunately I have to go and I’m praying that its not too busy and that it goes fast. Can we make that happen please? Oh, and I’m starving cuz I’ve only eaten one thing all day and that was at 3pm. 😒 What a freaking day.